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Pick a Side Stupid (Comedy Debate Show)


Shawn Carter hosts this unique comedy show where the funniest people around the Tri-Cities debate a different topic every week at Blue Ridge Comedy Club. We've covered everything from Conspiracy Theories, to Board Games, to Sex.

Questions include things like:
"Would you rather have a weapon that you can only use as long as you remain pure at heart like Thor's Hammer OR a weapon that you can only use as long as you don't gain any weight like Iron Man's suit" — Super Hero Movie debate.
"Which antiquated term for sex sounds like actually kind of a pleasant day 'taking a turn among the cabbages' or 'groping for trout in a peculiar river'?" — Sex debate

This show promises a night full of belly laughs, a fun crowd, and some tasty hot dogs.

Here are the topics up for debate in the month of October.
October 7 — Lottery
October 14 — Ethics
October 21 — Wild Life
October 28 — Halloween

Interested in sampling the show without leaving the house? Check out the Pick a Side Stupid Podcast