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Downtown Bristol Christmas Parade 2012

December 06, 2012

Downtown Bristol got into the holiday spirit at the annual Christmas Parade on December 6, 2012. There were thousands of spectators and more than 180 floats and vehicles – a new record! Bluegrass legend Doyle Lawson served as grand marshal for the parade.

Photos copyright and courtesy of Daniel Hardoby.

  • Xmas Parade11
    Xmas Parade11
  • Xmas Parade12
    Xmas Parade12
  • Xmas Parade13
    Xmas Parade13
  • Xmas Parade8
    Xmas Parade8
  • Xmas Parade14
    Xmas Parade14
  • Xmas Parade20
    Xmas Parade20
  • Xmas Parade21
    Xmas Parade21
  • Xmas Parade22
    Xmas Parade22
  • Xmas Parade23
    Xmas Parade23
  • Xmas Parade 24
    Xmas Parade 24
  • Xmas Parade25
    Xmas Parade25
  • Xmas Parade16
    Xmas Parade16
  • Xmas Parade1
    Xmas Parade1
  • Xmas Parade17
    Xmas Parade17
  • Xmas Parade2
    Xmas Parade2
  • Xmas Parade3
    Xmas Parade3
  • Xmas Parade4
    Xmas Parade4
  • Xmas Parade6
    Xmas Parade6
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    Xmas Parade7
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    Xmas Parade15
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    Xmas Parade9
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    Xmas Parade10
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    Xmas Parade19
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    Xmas Parade18
  • Xmas Parade26
    Xmas Parade26
  • Xmas Parade5
    Xmas Parade5