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"MARCH MADNESS — 1930'S STYLE — LAST CHANCE": Mighty WurliTzer Organ / Film Festival's Finale at the Paramount

March 23, 2014 | 12 am

Come on out to the Paramount for the grand finale of a wonderful Silent Film Series with the Mighty Wurlitzer — the final showing is on Sunday, March 23 at 3pm. Mix Laurel & Hardy's famed top comedy film "Liberty" with "Teddy At The Throttle" (first original animal actor's silent movie), over 1,000 real pipes, pianos, harps, bells, whistles, gongs, & percussions, of the Mighty WurliTzer Organ, live accompaniment with 20th Year House Organist Rex Ward, lucky ticket prize drawings, and an audience rhythm instruments play along for the perfect recipe of a March Madness Organ Film Event Finale! You just can't miss this amazing event!

Make our winter Organ/Film Finale complete with YOU in a seat! It's not just a show-its a Mighty WurliTzExperience! See you here!

For more information, contact the Paramount on 423-274-8920.