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YWCA offering women's 5K walk / run conditioning program before the Turkey Trot / Gobbler's Gait 5K

September 23 – November 14, 2013

Join the YWCA's group 5K conditioning program to benefit from greater motivation, camaraderie, safety in numbers, and improved personal performance. YWCA Bristol’s 33rd Annual Turkey Trot and Gobbler’s Gait 5K is coming soon — November 16 — so grab your running shoes and hit the pavement with our certified trainers!

There will be 8 weeks of conditioning in the run up to the race — from September 23 to November 14.

* Train on the certified and newly modified Turkey Trot course
* AM and PM training sessions available
* Separate programs for beginners and more conditioned runners
* Charted workouts for days you’re unable to make the scheduled time
* Individual timings and performance assessments optional
* Tips on rest/recovery, race-day nutrition, stretching, etc.
* First 10 Fitness Spa members/25 non-members receive a free T-shirt

Cost for YWCA members is free, and for non-members is is $80 + free use of the YW Fitness Spa during the duration of the conditioning program.

For more information, call 423-968-9444 or visit ywcabristol.org to download a race registration form.