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Dr. Gary Chambers' Artworks to be shown in "Dreams of Africa" exhibition in the Virgie R. Fleenor Gallery at the Bristol Public Library

September 1–30, 2013

Dr. Gary Chambers will bring his acclaimed African-themed paintings to the Virgie R. Fleenor Art Gallery at the Bristol Public Library for the month of September in an exhibit called “Dreams of Africa.” Dr. Chambers, a retired orthopedic surgeon, wanted to be an artist even as a child. Living in the country he was constantly exposed to Nature which he loved. At twelve, he set out to paint his first masterpiece with supplies from Sears Roebuck. That painting was of Samuel when God was calling him in the night. But God was also calling Dr. Chambers to be a physician, and Dr. Chambers thought God was wrong. As Dr. Chambers puts it, “You see, I didn’t like school at all. A reincarnation of Huck Finn I was! I finally accepted God’s call and never looked back. I spent the next sixteen years in college, medical school, a five year orthopedic residency, the USAF stationed in England for three years and then thirty years of active medical practice.”

During all those years Dr. Chambers traveled extensively in North America, Europe, and Africa. Wherever he went he studied Nature, people of different cultures, animals, quaint villages, and the castles and cathedrals of England, France, and Italy. As he traveled he collected photos and painted what he saw. After retiring from his medical practice, Dr. Chambers began a series of medical missionary trips to Africa including Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. He took many safaris where he met African people, animals, and absorbed the fascinating geologic and natural wonders of Africa. After years of “trial and error” painting, the man who hated school returned to an intensive study of Art. Over seven years he studied with many nationally and internationally known artists, audited courses at ETSU, and the Atlanta College of Art, and the Savannah College of Art, Atlanta branch. “My art encompasses a wide array of subjects including portraits, figure drawing and painting, still life, landscapes, and animal paintings.”

Dr. Chambers often composes his paintings with an allegorical, subtle deep meaning. The faces in his portraits whether they be an Appalachian farmer or Masa woman show deep humanity and strength. His use of color adds a richness and tone to his works that draws you closer to the heart of the subject. Many of his paintings have been gratefully accepted by his patients in USA and Africa. He has won numerous art show awards including several “Best of Show” awards.

There will be a reception on Friday, September 6 from 6:00 pm until 7:30pm at the Bristol Public Library honoring Dr. Gary Chambers.

On Tuesday, September 10 at 6:30 pm, Dr. Chambers will give a presentation called “The Art of Seeing.”

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