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March Featured Artists at 606 State Street Gallery: Bruce Cole and Ken Simmelink

March 1–31, 2013

The 606 State Street Gallery Featured Artists for March are Bruce Cole and Ken Simmelink — come on in and check out their art!

Bruce Cole Bio
Growing up on a small farm near New Tazewell, Tennessee, I developed a love of nature and the outdoors at an early age. It seemed only natural that I pursued a career involving the outdoors and I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife Management from Tennessee Tech University and a Master’s Degree in Forest Resources from Clemson University.
While attending college as an undergraduate, I minored in journalism and was first “exposed” to photography while taking a journalism course on the subject. Since that time, I haves pursued photography as a serious interest for more than 30 years. In 2004, I traded in my 35mm film camera for a digital SLR and became even more impassioned as digital photography allowed me to experiment with various techniques and take literally hundreds of images without the cost of film development.

In 2005, I formed Natural Horizons Photography and began to market fine art photographic prints of various nature images. Although my subjects are diverse and include a variety of landscapes, rustic buildings, streams/waterfalls, and wildlife, birds are certainly my favorite subject. One of my main objectives when photographing birds, or any other wildlife for that matter, is to apply my knowledge of the natural world in an effort to “capture” my subject in as natural and realistic a manner as possible. Although I have photographed different areas of the US, the majority of images that I feature at a show or gallery are photographed in Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina within a short drive of Kingsport, Tennessee where I currently reside.

Ken Simmelink Bio
Although the artist is a 30-ear resident of Elizabethton, he grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. Sketching and painting have been a long time hobby of Ken’s. In college he majored in psychology but he also took a variety of art courses including oil painting and sculpture. A career in aviation and missions, however, left little time for artistic endeavors. Only after retirement in 1996 did Ken take up painting seriously. His favorite subjects are animals but he also enjoys painting landscapes. Ken works in three media: oils, pastels and watercolor, but most of his current work is in oils.

His wife, Lee, is his critic and agent, and his primary source of encouragement. Both Ken and Lee are members of the Watauga Valley Art League, the Depot Artists Association, and the artist co-op at 606 State Street Gallery.