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Roots of a Rebellion at 620 State

January 18, 2013 | 12 am

Roots of a Rebellion will perform live at 620 State in historic downtown Bristol on Jan 18.

Band Bio: It is in the very house that once belonged to Hank Williams Sr. that has risen up a new spirit, a new generation, and a new sound. In a town filled with country music comes a sound so unique and diverse that attention must be shifted. Having shared the stage with such acts as The Wailers, Iration, Zach Deputy, Passafire, Ashes of Babylon, and The Movement, Roots of a Rebellion actively seeks the hearts and ears of its fans everywhere.

Combining elements of reggae, soul, rock, dub, and mixed with a tight horn section and melodic vocal lines, R.O.A.R. has created a sound that is wholeheartedly unique. Hailing from various corners of the United States, ROAR has officially settled down in Nashville for the past 4 years. Fueled by conscious lyrics and a groove that won’t let you sit still, Roots of a Rebellion wants you to become a part of something original and positive. Roots of a Rebellion, along with its loyal Roots Crew fan base, will continue marching on representing truth and love wherever they go.

Friday, January 18th at 10:00pm

$5 @ door, $10 for 18-20

All Ages