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The Body Farm — The Evolving Way Scientists Look at Death

September 24, 2011 | 12 am

On three acres surrounded by razor-wire and a wooden fence near the University of Tennessee Medical Center, about 40 bodies rot away — stuffed into car trunks, left lying in the sun or shade, buried in shallow graves, covered with brush or submerged in ponds. These bodies are often observed by Dr. Bill Bass, world-renowned forensic anthropologist who founded the University of Tennessee's Body Farm. Bass, along with journalist, science writer and documentary filmmaker, Jon Jefferson, has released numerous publications about the Body Farm such as Bones of Betrayal and The Bone Thief. Bass and Jefferson's dual perspectives create a thrilling and thought-provoking narrative voice that takes readers straight into the occassional darkly and humorous images of "death's acre."
This lecture will be held in the Kegley Auditorium at Virginia Intermont College. Reserved seating is $20. General admission is free.