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Painting Class at Blowfish Emporium

August 26, 2010 | 12 am

The Grape Easel is an experience dedicated to combining fellowship and enjoyment with artistic creation and expression. When you attend a Grape Easel event, you, your friends and family will each be provided with a canvas, paints and brushes with which you will then create your very own masterpiece. Providing experienced art instructors, The Grape Easel highlights one painting per event which you and your comrades will be guided step-by-step how to recreate, while still allowing you to explore your own artistic expression.

Be advised that NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED! The Grape Easel events are located in blowfish emporium in order to offer its apprentices a casual environment in which to create, as well as offer an inviting space for friends to mingle with one another while they delve into their own interpretations of the featured piece. We are sure you will walk away with not only a beautiful work of art, but a memorable experience! These events are open to even the most inexperienced novice painter. Whether you’re an accountant or a carpenter, a teacher or doctor- we will open up the artist within you.

The Grape Easel… Helping Joe Blow Create Van Gogh!

The feature painting for this class is "Bringing It Back" by Svetlin Rusev. This is part of the Rhythm & Roots musical package. Every Thursday in August & September we will offer a musically inspired image and guide you in painting your musical masterpieces! You pick 5 paintings you want in your collage & save! Package is $100, & goes toward sponsoring The Morning Pages to perform @ Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion! You do not have to purchase the package to attend the events; however, by purchasing you will save $50.
Check out The Morning Pages @ www.myspace.com/themorningpages

Painting events start @ 6PM and are $30+tax per person (includes EVERYTHING- canvas, paint, tools & instruction- You just show up!) This is NOT a painting class. It is very relaxed & informal. The point is to have fun & allow yourself the option to get as creative as you want. NO SKILL IS REQUIRED, really!

*Pre-registration is suggested, 276-644-1428 or info@blowfishemporium.com. Minimum of 5 people or event is cancelled. If cancelled, notice will be posted on Facebook & Twitter. For more information, please visit our website at www.blowfishemporium.com