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Anniversary of The Great War to be Topic of Presentation at Bristol Public Library

November 10, 2014 | 6:30 pm
Bristol Public Library
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While U.S. historians are focusing on the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War, Europe and Africa are commemorating the beginning of World War I. It was the “Great War” and centered in Europe, which claimed more than 9 million combatants and 7 million civilians. At the outbreak of the war in 1914 the U.S. had a policy of non-intervention, avoiding conflict and trying to broker peace. Ultimately, direct threats to the American homeland and unrestricted submarine warfare brought President Woodrow Wilson to declare war on Germany on April 6, 1917.

Association member Josh Blankenship will give an overview for the Bristol Historical Association General Membership Meeting on Monday, November 10th at 6:30pm.. The presentation is entitled “The Boiling Point: the Rise of Nationalism, the Fall of Nations, and Fighting the Gentleman’s War”. He will discuss the world stage leading up to the beginning of the war and the events of 1914. He is well studied and has keen interest in The Great War much overlooked by the overwhelming interest in the American Civil War and World War II.

Blankenship has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Virginia Tech and specialized in European Imperial & Colonial history with a concentration in British Imperial & Colonial history (1870-1918) and World War I (1914-1918). He devotes much of his free time to historic preservation of local cemeteries, primarily East Hill, where he is on the board of directors. He has been instrumental in the preservation of historic monuments and stones and general promotion of the cemetery. He is also actively involved in researching the U.S Army’s 30th Infantry Division during World War I, the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879, and a number of current association projects.

The November 10 meeting will be held at the Bristol Public Library at 6:30pm in the J. Henry Kegley Meeting Room and is in conjunction with the library’s mission of “Expanding Minds and Building Community”. In addition to this lecture from Blankenship there will also be a recognition of Charter Members of the Bristol Historical Association in commemoration of the organization’s 35th Anniversary. The public is cordially invited to attend this free meeting. Contact Tim Buchanan, president, for details of this or other upcoming meetings, buchanan03@bvu.net.