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Virtual Speaker Series: Charlie Dahan on Henry Glover — The Musical Alchemist of King Records

August 03, 2021 | 7 pm
Birthplace of Country Music Museum
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Breaking Barriers

Henry Glover was a trumpet player, songwriter, producer, and one of the first African American record executives in the music business back in the late 1940s. Glover produced, arranged, and composed many R&B and country classics for King Records. Because of his musical prowess, Glover successfully rearranged country songs for the R&B audience and vice versa, and shaped the “country boogie” sound with the Delmore Brothers that heavily influenced rockabilly and rock in the 1950s. "Fever" is one of the most enduring songs Glover had a hand in, and he became a mentor to Levon Helm. Other notable artists Glover produced include James Brown, Dinah Washington, Little Willie John, Bullmoose Jackson, Moon Mullican, Grandpa Jones, Hank Ballard, and Bill Doggett.

Join the Virtual Speaker Series discussion on Glover — one of the most fascinating and influential figures in American music history — with Charlie Dahan, Recording Industry Professor at Middle Tennessee State University and co-author of Gennett Records and Starr Piano.

The event is free, but pre-registration is required.