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Youth Art Night; Every Child is an Artist

March 09, 2016 | 5 pm
Bristol VA Public Schools Office | MAP

This special fundraiser will support Bristol Virginia Schools' art program. It will feature framed artwork for students in grades K-5 from Washington-Lee Elementary, Highland View Elementary, Stonewall Jackson Elementary, and Joseph Van Pelt Elementary. Parents will have the opportunity to purchase a framed piece of art created by their child, with a percentage of sales going directly to your child's school. Reproductions also available, perfect for personalized gifts for grandparents, friends or other family members!

The student art is inspired by famous artists throughout time. Kindergarten works will feature faces inspired by Pablo Picasso’s style of Cubism, First Grade art will feature sunflowers in the style of Vincent Van Gogh, Second Grade art is influenced by Salvador Dali, Third Grade art will feature horse silhouettes inspired by Edgar Degas, Fourth Grade student pieces are mixed media Starry Night Landscapes, and Fifth Grade artwork will feature Medieval watercolor castles inspired by the Limbourg brothers.

Families can also enjoy additional youth art based activities, including a butterfly mosaic at The Bristol Public Library and a hand print tile art piece at Kil'n Time Ceramic Studio.