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Workshop: Pouring, Spraying, and Layering Watercolor Paint

January 13–14, 2018
A Work of Art Gallery & Gifts
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Loosen up at this fast-paced, two-session workshop showing the techniques, tricks, and supplies needed for making your own poured, sprayed, and layered watercolor painting. During this workshop, there will be several short demonstrations of every step of the process — masking, pouring, spraying, layering, glazing, and finishing — with hands-on work following each step.
A starter kit will be supplied including a photo reference, value study, watercolor paper, foam mounting board, spray bottles, masking fluid, pipette, containers, soap, ammonia, rubber pickup, a foil tray, and a class syllabus.

Instructor: David Kramer
Cost: $45

Students are asked to bring their own paint, brushes, palette, water container, paper towels, and masking tape. Suggested paint colors are Perm. Yel. Deep, Lemon Yel., Vermillion, Magenta, Cobalt Blue, and Cerulean Blue. Suggested brushes are rounds, flats, one brush for masking fluid, and one scrubber brush. Payment is due by December 29, 2017. To register, stop by or contact the gallery at 423-797-0089 between 10 am and 5 pm.