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Western Wednesday: El Dorado

February 13, 2019 | 12:30 pm
Bristol Public Library
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Visit the Bristol Public Library for our Classic Movie Corner: Western Wednesday on February 13 at 12:30 p.m. This month, we’ll feature a special screening of El Dorado (1966), directed by Howard Hawks and starring John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, and James Caan.

Cole Thornton (John Wayne) is a gunslinger-for-hire in El Dorado, Texas. Originally hired by a wealthy rancher, Bart Jason, Thornton quickly becomes caught up in a range war with the McDonald family. Although grievously wounded by a bullet, Thornton will once more put his life on the life when his friend, Sheriff J.P. Harrah (Robert Mitchum), finds himself put in danger by the same man who hired Thornton.

Not rated; 126 minutes.