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Vaden Landers & Xaris Waltman

February 15, 2019 | 8 pm
Bloom Cafe & Listening Room
(423) 573-1602 | MAP | WEBSITE

Vaden Landers (Asheville, NC) is a multi-instrumentalist from eastern Tennessee. As a young man he began traveling America's highways and railroads, studying American folk music styles such as Old-time, Country, Blues, Cajun & Jug. With a voice like a young Hank Williams, and an acute musical attention to detail, he plays with an authenticity that he hopes will spread the knowledge of American culture and music through his own.

Xaris Waltman (Pensacola, FL) has been humming tunes since before she could talk and started writing songs on the guitar since as early as 8-years-old. At eighteen, Xaris is jumping into the world of being a traveling musician; just a young girl and her guitar. A self proclaimed Folksinger, her music style is somewhere in between American folk and country. According to listeners, Xaris's voice is reminiscent of young Dolly Parton and Allison Krauss.