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The Low Counts

November 11, 2016 | 8 pm

In the music world of pretenders and throw backs, including glossy whiny Rock bands who wear jeggings (denim tights for men), Americana — music by groups who look like they belong in the 1700's, cliche white Blues acts consisting of lawyers and bankers who play "the real Blues", yet another lame Rockabilly band (who sounds just like the other lame Rockabilly band) and retro and "roots music" repeats who also enjoy playing '50's dress up and glorified cover music all the while calling it original or Rock — comes a band who champions the notion that new, real music can still be created and rock with dignity and soul. Do you ever wonder, "what ever happened to original bands with no gimmicks, who came only to make great music and to rock as hard as possible"? Look no further. The Low Counts have no desire to fool you, be clowns, traditionalists or to replicate old music, only to make new music without forgetting their roots or the best parts of those roots(rural blues, rock, rockabilly, psychedelia and soul).But the mere fact that the band made up of Matt Walsh and Austin Hicks, are a guitar-drum duo happened pretty unexpectedly...