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PUSH+2 — Photography Competition & Show 2.0

October 7–12, 2019
State Street Brewing
(276) 644-3380 | MAP | WEBSITE

In cooperation with the PUSH! Film Festival, the Twin City Photo Club presents PUSH+2 — Photography Competition & Show 2.0. Over $1000 in prize money!


1. This year’s categories:
a. still life and architecture – it doesn’t move
b. nature and landscapes – it doesn’t move quickly, may include limited non-natural objects
c. people and animals – hopefully moves
d. smart phone photography – taken with a smart phone, not a picture of a smart phone
e. first time entrant – you have never entered a photo contest before now
f. micro video – up to two minutes on any topic
2. Photos may be entered in any category. The judges will have the final say on whether a photo is in the appropriate category.

1. This competition is open to all photographers, but those who make 25% or more of their living in any category are not
permitted to enter in that category (eg: a portrait photographer in people and animals).
2. Any editing is permitted, as the artist sees fit.
3. Print images may be any size up to and including 16x20 inches, but MUST be mounted on a firm backing, such as foam board
or backboard, and must support their own weight when standing vertically (mail-ins see the exception below).
4. Mats are strongly encouraged and, if used, must be white, cream, gray or black. Absolutely no frames, hangers, or glass will
be accepted, and inadequately constructed mats or mounting boards will disqualify the entry.
5. TOP or UP must be indicated on the back of the mounting.
6. No text is permitted on the photo unless it is part of the image.
7. Each photograph or video must be titled. "Untitled" is not a title.
8. Videos must be MP4 or MOV format.

1. The entry fee is $20.00 for each group of three or fewer prints.
2. Mail-in entries are being accepted under the following conditions:
a. The prints must be 8x10 ONLY, unmatted (we will mat them in 11x14 boards)
b. The entry fee is $20 for each group of three or fewer prints.
c. There is an additional charge of $15 for up to nine photos to handle matting and return shipping.
d. Your prints will be mailed back after the show. TCPC is not responsible for lost entries or returns.
3. The video entry fee is $10 per video. Participants may enter up to three videos.
4. Fees are non-refundable.