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Bristol Ballet presents Celtic Flair

March 18–19, 2017
Various locations

The excitement of Irish dancing and music will fill the air as Bristol Ballet presents “Celtic Flair” on March 18 at Heritage Hall Theater in Mountain City and on March 19 at the McGlothlin Center for Performing Arts on the campus of Emory and Henry College in Emory, Virginia.

Music from the wildly popular “River Dance” is featured in much of the production, with tempos that vary from upbeat and exciting to soft and lyrical. Choreographed in the style of Irish Step Dance, some movements may be slightly familiar but with a balletic twist.

Adding to the excitement of this production is the inclusion of the crowd pleasing Celtic band, “Sigean”, who will be performing more traditional Irish music live on stage. Tom Swadley, a member of the band, said, “This is really exciting. We haven’t played as part of a dance production before, and we’re thrilled to be creating this experience with the dancers.”

Originally planned as a school educational program, “Celtic Flair” will also be performed at Anderson Elementary School, Avoca Elementary School, and Virginia High (for all of its elementary school 2nd through 5th graders). Bristol Ballet is dedicated to providing arts education to the community whenever possible. The artistic director, Michele Plescia, thought that a Celtic piece would be perfect to take to the schools, since this area was settled by Celts.

After thinking it through, Michele decided that the production is just too fun and exciting to exclude from the public, and so made arrangements for the two public performances. “Anyone who comes to these performances will love them”, said Plescia. “The music is great, the dancing is exciting. When you put the two together, it’s a sure success in entertainment.”

Sponsored by Food City

March 18th – 7:00 pm
Heritage Hall Theater, Mountain City, TN
Phone (423) 727-7444 to purchase tickets.

March 19th – 3:00 pm
McGlothlin Center for Performing Arts, Emory, VA
Click here to purchase tickets online or phone (276) 944-6333.