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Tyger! Tyger! Gallery Bash at Benjamin Walls Gallery

February 04, 2013

Come to TYGER! TYGER! — BENJAMIN WALLS' BIGGEST GALLERY BASH YET on Saturday, February 9, 6-10p.m. This will be a night to remember! Ben will be detailing his upcoming Tiger trip, and debuting two new releases from Florida. Bring your friends, and he also asks that you bring at least one person that does not know his work.

This gallery bash is a way to highlight THE BIG TRIP — in Ben's own words:

Of all the incredible places and animals I've seen and photographed, I've always dreamed of one trip that I have yet to take. An expensive, dangerous, yet vital trip. I have always dreamed of photographing Wild Tigers in India and artistically sharing that elusive cat with you! This past July, the government of India banned "Tiger Tourism." My heart sank when I heard the news. It appeared my dream of photographing Tigers was finished. Thankfully, the ban was lifted in October, and since then I have been planning the biggest trip of my career!

April is the best time to photograph these Wild Tigers. So on February 5th I'm launching the largest campaign of my career to boost my gallery and online sales so that I can afford to take this trip to India safely, and ultimately accomplish my goal of capturing and sharing my artistic vision of these Wild Tigers with you! And the Tyger! Tyger! Gallery Bash is part of this campaign!

To show you how serious I am about this trip, I'll be offering my premium quality images you know and love at a never before offered discount, but will also offer an array of other products for as little as $25.

So come out and join in on the campaign on February 9th!