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Tribute Bands Take Stage at Downtown Center — Aerosmith Endorsed "Draw the Line" Band Up First!

June 07, 2011

Our evenings have been spent the past few months watching Steven Tyler appear as a judge on the Fox Network’s American Idol. A few of us were hoping just to hear a few notes of one of our favorite Aerosmith’s legendary songs. As you know it turned out to be a long wait, then to hear only a few lines on the final night. Well, that is about to be remedied. Draw The Line, is the only endorsed Aerosmith Tribute Band in the world and they are coming to Bristol’s Downtown Center on June 9, 2011 at 7:00 P.M. This band boasts accolades from Steven Tyler as well as family and friends of the legendary rock group. This is as authentic as it can ever get. Come see for yourself!

The band hails from Boston, Massachusetts. The band’s career, now spanning almost eighteen years, has taken them all over the world. During an interview, Aerosmith singer, Steven Tyler, singled out Draw the Line as the best of the Aerosmith tribute bands.
They are the only tribute band who has been featured on the Official Aerosmith Website. With support and accolades from Aerosmith themselves, as well as journalists, top DJ’s, and fans worldwide, it’s no wonder that Draw the Line is recognized as a one‐of‐a‐kind.
This concert is the first of a nostalgic series being hosted downtown in recognition of the 15th anniversary of live music being presented at the State Street location. Darlene Cole, Venues Manager for the city stated, “Live music began here with just a few of our local musicians getting together for a jam session. Friends and family began bringing their lawn chairs to sit and enjoy the summer evening get‐togethers. The crowds grew, bands started forming, food vendors came around, etc.” Cole continued, “From that we now have a first class outdoor music venue, with beautiful landscaping, a permanent stage, sound, lights, seating, restrooms, and concessions. It is just a great venue for everyone to enjoy.”
This venue is for anyone and everyone who loves live music. It doesn’t always have to be country, bluegrass, or folk. Most people in our region love all types of music. With this in mind, the mini‐series within the annual Full Moon Jam concert series will be featuring tribute bands from the past.

There is never a charge for events at the center that are hosted by the city. There will be plenty of seating, but if you prefer bring you own seating and enjoy an evening of reminiscing under the stars.

Tribute bands being featured other than Draw the Line’s Aerosmith tribute are Seven Bridges, which is an Eagles tribute band, Frontiers who feature the sounds and music of the legendary band Journey, and Hell’s Bells who will be performing the music of AC/DC.
For more information please call the Department of Community Relations at 423‐764‐4171 or go online at www.bristoltn.org.