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Thank You from BRRR!

September 19, 2011

After all the planning, late nights and great music, it's hard to believe Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion 2011 is already over. It's an emotional experience to see those stages coming down and the sound of street sweepers replacing the rhythm of the music. It's something us folks here at the festival liken to a death. Our hearts are heavy with the bittersweetness of it all, but filled with gratitude to everyone who helped us pull it all together.

We work very hard each year to try and top the year before, to improve the way we do things for our friends who come visit, and to bring audiences an evocative music experience that uplifts, inspires and moves the soul. This year, we hope we have achieved that for all of you.

Thank you to our beautiful cities — Bristol, Tennessee and Bristol, Virginia. We are so grateful to have your backing on so many levels. From law enforcement, fire and emergency workers, to the folks who place the chairs and pick up after us. Hundreds of you work long shifts over the course of the weekend. We have been told by a number of other event planners how fortunate we are to have that support, many do not. To you we are forever grateful.

We sincerely thank our Sponsors. Without their generosity and support we would not be able to create such a quality, affordable event. It is our goal to keep our ticket prices to a miniumum for festivarians. They are the folks you should thank for helping us do so. Please take the time to check out our sponsors and support their businesses.

Thank you to our Volunteers. From our hard-working Board and Committee Members to the folks that man the booths at the event, this event would not be possible without your dedication and service. A lot of sacrifices are made throughout the year and during the festival to make everything look so effortless. We are nothing without these hard-working people and we are blessed to have them.

Thank you to our Venues. From historic listening rooms like The Paramount to all of our bussling eateries, we always say that State Street itself is as much a player in our event as the artists. Every venue creates a unique atmosphere for our festivarians to enter into, and that is one of the reasons folks find our festival appealing. We know how hard you work during our event and throughout the year to make Bristol a great place to live, work, shop and play. We appreciate it, and so do fans.

To our Stage techs. Well done! You keep the lights on cue and sound in pitch. We appreciate your hard work and thank you for your expertise in the field. Our festival is a unique challenge and we aren't sure how you are able to manage. Thank you so much for taking on such a monster task and pulling it off with such finesse!

We'd also like to thank our Artists. We set the stage, but you provide the experience. As individual as you all are, we are so appreciative of your art and creativity. Each year you amaze us with your talent. You are all, now, a part of Bristol's great music history and the sound of Appalachia. Thank you for being part of the soundtrack of our lives.

Last, never least, much love and appreciation to all of you who made the pilgrimage to State Street to share the music with us. We hope we've not only entertained you, but inspired you.
We hope you were able to share the experience with people you love. We hope you came away with a new collection of artists to listen to and cherish. We thank you for sharing us with your friends and families and for inviting them to check us out. We hope we've made you proud!

Again, thank you. We appreciate you. God bless you. Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion 2012 is September 14th-16th, can't wait to do it all again!