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Stone AcScents!

November 14, 2011

Congratulations to Stone AcScents one of our newest downtown businesses! Stop in and visit with Chris & Renee soon at 525 State Street, Bristol VA. We have HIMALAYAN SALT LAMPS. — — $19.99 to $199.99 Click below to learn how they work!

Salt Lamps have a similar effect to an air purifier. Killing bacteria and removing dust, allergens, smoke, odors and mold spores. Salt lamps are natural and emit no noise, odors or HARMFUL OZONE. They never get dirty or dusty.

They help you breathe, and sleep better. Salt Lamps are also a beautiful addition to any room décor and function as a perfect nightlight creating a soothing, tranquil atmosphere.

The salt crystal lamp binds the negative ions with the excess positive ions. When the lamp becomes warm, it builds up the ion field. The salt emits negative ions which counter positive ions (pollutants) in the air. Claims of the efficacy of Salt Lamps have a solid foundation in science. The positive effects of soothing light and color, air cleaning and negative
ions have been studied for decades." The book, Water & Salt The Essence of Life, written by a Bio-Physicist and M.D. documents the use of Himalayan salt products for use in the home.

The combination of negative ions and their effects leads to relief in Asthma, Allergies, Migraines, Sinus congestion and more. Snoring is normally relieved by the clearing of sinuses within a few days.

The Therapeutic Tests made with kids having ADHD symptoms have shown that after only one week of exposure to crystal salt lamps, their symptoms subsided. After removing the lamps, the symptoms returned.

Call Chris & Renee at 423-999-9445 or Email at stoneacscents@yahoo.com or You can check out our Website at : www.stoneacscents.com