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Paper Windows Session Eight — Winners Announced!

December 03, 2012

Eight out of twelve sessions of the Paper Windows project have been completed. Twenty four pictures are now posted on the city website featuring 1st through 3rd place winners in each session. “It is amazing to see what people in our community find to shoot, some of the pictures are just unbelievable, the beauty captured in them,” said Lisa Beckner, the project coordinator. This session named “Falling for Bristol” was number eight in the series. The first place winner, Wallace Moura photographed a beautiful location on a tree lined trail. The photo features fall foliage at its finest and the photograph is titled appropriately, “The Fall Trail.”

The photo winning 2nd place honors was photographed by Denise Beverly. Ms. Beverly’s shot was unique and showed us a fun way to view falling leaves. The picture is titled “I Will Catch You.”

The third place winner is titled “A Shadow in Time” and was photographed by Linda Leonard. The picture is a playful way to look at the fall season.

The next session in the series is titled, “Grateful” and entries are being accepted through December 21, 2012. For more information on the rules and on how to enter, please go to the City of Bristol Tennessee website at www.bristoltn.org, click on the Home tab at the top of the page, scroll down to the Paper Windows box where everything you would want to know about the project is listed. However, in the event you still have a question please contact Lisa Beckner @ 423-764-4171 or at lbeckner@bristoltn.org.