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Reflections by Linda Leonard

Paper Windows Photographic Project — Session 5 Winners Announced

August 29, 2012

Session 5 of the Paper Windows Photographic project description asked local photographers to think about reflections, reflections in water, in glass, or in one’s mind. Camera buffs came out for this session; almost 30 photos were entered. The judges had a very difficult task in not only naming one as a winner but even deciding on the 2nd and 3rd place contenders.

The winner of this the session titled, Reflections, was Linda Leonard. Linda captured the historic Bristol sign at night reflected not only in the window glass of a car but in the mirror as well. Judges commented that this was one of the most unique photos entered in that it was both unique and creative. Linda titled her piece as “Twin Reflections”.

The second place contender was sent in by Keegan Southerland-Singleton. Keegan’s piece was titled “Reflections of Fall” and was taken at Bristol’s beloved Steele Creek Park. In the photo you can see an exact reflection of the turning trees in the placid Steele Creek Lake.

The third place contender paid tribute to the late Merle Dickert by titling her piece, “A Reflective Tribute...Thank You Merle!” The photo was shot by Debbie Dillard and shows a puddle of water with the Paramount sign reflected in it.

The next session has begun and is titled, Bristol’s Streets. For more information on the project please go to the city’s webpage at www.bristoltn.org; click on Home and scroll down to the Paper Windows tab. All rules, sessions and deadlines are included for public perusal.

For a look at all the entries from the previous five sessions please go to the city website’s home page, click on the Flickr icon at the bottom of the page there go to the “Collections” and find the “Paper Windows Photo Contest”.

The Paper Window Photographic project began in March 2012 and is intended to showcase the community through the eyes of local photographers. The project is a year-long project ending in late March of 2013. For more information on the project call Lisa Beckner@ 423-764-4171 in the Community Relations Office.