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Introduction to Pocket Digital Camera Workshop

March 02, 2011

A mini-workshop hosted by award-winning photojournalist Sam Bass will take digitally challenged photographers from awkward snap shots to creative images through an easy step-by-step proceedure. The workshop is designed for phtographers at all levels who want to develop a better understanding of creative image making with small digital cameras.

Topics covered will include: Understanding the Camera and Lens and How They Work; The Art of Seeing; Quality of Light and Color; Black and White photography; and Composing the Picture.

Participants should bring their digital cameras a a few samples of their photography. We are going to have agreat time learning to "see" and "compose" creative digital images. For more information please visit our website at www.blowfishemporium.com

Saturday, March 5; 12:30- 3:30

Cost: $55

*Pre-Registration Required!