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EDDIE MILES — An Elvis Christmas at The Paramount

December 12, 2011

Bearing an uncanny physical and vocal resemblance to Elvis Presley, Eddie Miles presents a tribute to Elvis that many, including Elvis’ former band mates, consider to be the best tribute show to him in the world. Hailed as the best by the people who knew and performed with Elvis, J.D. Sumner, Charlie Hodge, Ed Enoch, Terry Blackwood, and many others agree that Eddie reproduces the sound and look of Elvis better than any other. Screams, cheers, and standing ovations are common at Eddie's concerts. He is as meticulous with his attire as he is with the songs he sings. Tickets $25 Reserved. For more information please call The Paramount or visit http://www.theparamountcenter.com/events.html.