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Meet the Merchant: Billy and Terry Frye with Fabric, Etc.

May 31, 2017

This week's "Meet the Merchant" featuring new business to Historic Downtown Bristol: Fabric, Etc.!

Fabric, Etc.
507 State Street
Bristol, VA 24201

How did Fabric, Etc. come about?
We really wanted to have a name that represented what we were going to primarily have in our store, but also, that we had more than just fabric! We went through many, many names trying to be creative and crafty, (asking all of our friends and family too) but, none of the other names did the job of letting everyone know what we offer. Even though Fabric, Etc. is very basic, it let's everyone know what we primarily carry and that we carry much more than just fabric! We both love people, and that's really what it's all about for us. Making friends and being able to help them make their decorating dreams come true is reason that we are in business.

Are you a Bristol native? If not, what brought you to Bristol?
I am a native of Bristol, and my husband Billy is from Kingsport. We will be married 22 years this June 21st, and have lived here most of that time, but moved to SC for 5 years, making it back this past December. We both felt like that we wanted to open a store, and my dream has always been to open a store on State Street!

Tell us about your family! Kids? Dogs? Cats?
Billy and I did not get the privilege to have children, but we love our Niece and Nephews so much, we consider them our kids whether they know it or not, LOL! It's so great to live in the same town with them again, as well as the rest of our awesome family! We have a little Jack Russell named Rylie, and we spoil her rotten!

Outside of your business, what are your other passions?
Billy and I both love the outdoors and adore living on the Holston River. We love our church. We love to make little trips to Asheville and Boone to admire the culture and Mountains. We both love music, which makes living in our awesome town very fun! We both like to play golf, even though we haven't gotten to play since we've moved back, and Billy loves to fish, and a is gun enthusiast.

Bristol Favorites
Favorite Bristol Restaurant: Right now, Whiskey Rebellion...great food!
Outdoor/recreation spot: The Holston River
Lunch spot: Bank St.!
Sweet Tooth: It's a toss up between The Southern Churn and Blackbird!