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Radio Bristol seeks submissions for The Crooked Road Radio Hour

March 31, 2018

Radio Bristol is working alongside The Crooked Road to produce a weekly radio program entitled "The Crooked Road Radio Hour." Each Tuesday morning at 11 am, Nathan Sykes takes listeners on an informative and exciting journey exploring traditional music in the 19 counties along The Crooked Road. While exploring historic Southwest Virginia recordings is a key aspect of the show's programming, featuring current artists who are continuing the traditions of our region is just as crucial. Nathan and the Radio Bristol crew invite all Crooked Road Artists to submit music to be featured on the program, as well as to potentially come in for live in-studio performances. For questions about getting your music featured on this program, email Nathan Sykes at nsykes@birthplaceofcountrymusic.org.

Music submissions may be sent to:

Radio Bristol
c/o The Crooked Road Radio Hour
P.O Box 1927
Bristol, VA 24203