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Benjamin Walls to launch "55-55-55"

July 14, 2015

Benjamin Walls is set to make the biggest announcement of the year and launch his “55-55-55” campaign. The upcoming honor will significantly advance Walls’s body of work while simultaneously putting a spotlight on the southern Appalachian region.

The internationally recognized artist and Bristol native will make the big announcement at a cocktail reception on Saturday, July 25th at the Benjamin Walls Gallery in historic downtown Bristol. Admission is $25. Collectors will be admitted for free. Press is welcome.

“It’s far more than an announcement... It’s a humbling honor that will launch one of the most important initiatives of my career and will ultimately provide a new level of exposure for my work. That exposure will shine a light on our region and my southern Appalachian heritage,” says Benjamin Walls.

Walls is already known for shattering regional barriers. He captured his first internationally recognized image at only 23 years of age. Since that time, he has gone on to win six international awards and exhibit pieces in 50 museums around the world. Currently, Walls is awaiting word from the Natural History Museum of London where four of his images are finalists in the largest juried exhibit of its kind in the world.

In addition to pursuing his artistic aspirations, Walls has also worked to support local charities. Since 2010, Walls has helped raise over $100,000 for local non-profits through donations of his work and fundraising events at his gallery. Some of the organizations that have been supported through Benjamin Walls’s work include the American Cancer Society, Crossroads Medical Mission, the Paramount Center for the Arts, Healing Hands, Girls Incorporated, the Crisis Center, Abuse Alternatives, the Cancer Outreach Foundation, the United Way of Bristol, and Believe in Bristol.

Benjamin Walls is confident that the July 25th announcement will bring artistic pride to our region. Join us as we celebrate the scenery here and around the world, you won't want to miss the launch of the "55-55-55" campaign to discover how Walls is breaking even more barriers.