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Ben Walls introduces Gallery 2

May 10, 2018

Building on his collector'ssupport, Benjamin takes onthe challenge of his careerin an attempt to open his second gallery location!

First thing Ben wants everyone to know: The Bristol Gallery is NOT closing!

"My heart and home will always be in Bristol and the Bristol Gallery will continue to operate proudlyon State St.," he says.

Second, getting the doors open in Asheville will take time, and he needs your support!

"Even though I expect to finalize the lease soon, it will take time to renovate the space, build new display pieces, and hire team members. If everything goes well, I’m hoping for a Spring 2019 opening date!" Walls said. "In order to get the doors open in Asheville, I'm offering an unparalleled opportunity to collect art or go on safari, all of whichsupports opening Gallery 2."

Click here to learn how you can be a part of Gallery 2.