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BCM Announces Strategic Partnership with Airplay Direct

January 14, 2016

The Birthplace of Country Music (BCM) is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with AirPlay Direct, a web-based artist marketing, promotion, education, and advocacy platform that delivers premium digital services, and Collective Evolution, an entertainment and media consulting firm.

“Over the past several years, the Birthplace of Country Music has grown tremendously with the opening of the Birthplace of Country Music Museum, celebrating 15-years of Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion music festival, and launching Radio Bristol, a collection of three radio stations, this past fall,” said Leah Ross, Executive Director of BCM. “This partnership with AirPlay Direct and Collective Evolution is exciting as it will allow BCM to work with industry experts at AirPlay Direct to build an innovative strategy to help establish and sustain Radio Bristol, as well as expand our reach into more national markets.”

The strategic partnership will focus on business strategy and brand development, as well as creation of new marketing and programming initiatives.

“This is a very exciting time in the entertainment industry,” said Robert Weingartz, Chairman of AirPlay Direct / Collective Evolution. “The Birthplace of Country Music is a wonderful, historic musical brand, they have a ‘super-talented’ executive team, and their musical and historical assets are world-class. I look forward with great anticipation to announcing the special projects and programs we are currently developing together for launch in 2016.”

The Strategic Partnership was signed at Eddy Arnold’s Office at Plowboy Records in December.

“This new Strategic Partnership Agreement was inked in the historic Brentwood, Tennessee office of the legendary Mr. Eddy Arnold, on the very same conference table he signed all of his professional agreements,” said Lynda Weingartz, CEO of AirPlay Direct. “The sense of history and relevance in this office was inspiring and most exciting.”

For more information about AirPlay Direct visit AirPlaydirect.com or contact Lynda Weingartz at lynda@AirPlayDirect.com, and for more information about the Birthplace of Country Music visit www.birthplaceofcountrymusic.org.