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Current Plans

Arts & Entertainment District


COMMITTEE – Arts & Entertainment

GOAL – Use the arts to make a positive difference in our downtown’s future, boost Bristol’s creative economy and cultural tourism, and cultivate Bristol’s creativity.

OBJECTIVES – How are we going to achieve that?
1. Capitalize on downtown’s many assets as an A&E District to offer visitors and residents a unique experience in order to sustain flow between Exits 5 and 74 and our downtown
2. Increase the sustainability and engagement of the A&E Committee in order to further support BIB’s mission and vision
3. Mobilize the arts community and businesses to be a voice to support infrastructure improvements and changes within our community

ACTIVITIES/TASKS – What actions need to be done to reach the goal?
• Increase marketing and communication through flyers, branding, social media, kiosk presence; continue distribution of our remaining A& E rack cards
• Further develop events
Explore opportunities to increase profitability and attendance of Art D’Vine
Film festival 2015 funding proposal and planning
State of the Arts – increase activities and bring more people out on the Sunday of the event
Who Art You? Camp – financial support and curriculum development
Support of Artistic Excellence
• Organize cross-promotions
• Further develop local partnerships (e.g. BCM, AAME, AiPP, local merchants, BVU, etc.)
• Get renewed commitment / participation on committee – increase attendance and involvement; educate committee on their importance and purpose; task assignments; face-to-face communication
• Communicate and educate the local arts community on specific issues related to infrastructure and empower them to be a voice and to take action

Parking Map!

Design Committee Work Plan



GOAL – Enhance the physical appearance of the commercial district by rehabilitating historic buildings, encouraging supportive new construction, developing sensitive design management systems and long-term planning to assist in creating a viable sustainable community.

Top Committee Priorities 2014 –
1. Wayfinding & Signage (In & Out of Bristol)
a. Study the problem
b. Offering solutions
c. Framing & wording to show we’re a source of fundraising (grants)

2. Community Outreach
a. Design Guidelines Brochure
b. Design Assistance Events / Socials
c. Engagement with Local Government

3. New Gateway
a. Engage both Local Governments, Existing Businesses & Developers
b. Study the problem / situation
c. Offer / Research sources of fundraising

OBJECTIVES – How are we going to achieve that?
1. Continue to work with both cities in planning and development of our downtown district including parking, signage, landscaping, etc...
2. Zoning and property advocacy for district
3. Promotion of Livable Communities Project
4. Periodic Design Award(s) and Recognition
5. Provide design support to downtown businesses and residents on an as-needed basis, including the development of a user-friendly Downtown Bristol guide to performing work on Historic properties, façade design & improvements towards Historic development and marketing the committee’s expertise in these areas

ACTIVITIES/TASKS – What actions need to be done to reach the goal?
• Continue to work toward Historic Zoning in Downtown
• Show history of buildings downtown in some format
• Establish ties with King & VI photography students
• Do more outreach to stakeholders, to raise public awareness
• Revisit grants to finish façade updates (VA)
• Update photo inventory of downtown buildings
• Make Livable Communities Project accessible to public
• Move from annual design award to awarding standout examples of design
• Create a “design basics” brochure
• Build partnerships / get volunteers to help accomplish objectives

Economic Restructuring Committee Work Plan


COMMITTEE – Economic Restructuring

GOAL – Strengthen the district’s existing economic base while finding ways to expand it to meet new opportunities and challenges from outlying development. Furthermore, to retain and expand existing businesses to provide a balanced commercial mix, convert unused or underutilized space into productive property, and share the competitiveness and merchandising skills of downtown business people.

Top Committee Priorities for 2014 -
1. Primary Exit 74 and 5
a. Wants / needs survey for downtown Bristol
b. Communication to visitors, citizens, and business owners
c. Establish and strengthen partnerships with exit 74/5 stakeholders

2. Organizational stability and growth
a. Identify funding opportunities, e.g. sponsorships, data sales, partnerships, etc
b. Committee toolbox / involvement – commitments and goals
c. Foster greater use of the IdeaSpace

3. Advocate for infrastructure improvements (seat at the table)
a. Property database / develop partnerships – mixer?
b. Two-way communication with stakeholders on the issues
c. Entrepreneur “prize”

OBJECTIVES – How are we going to achieve that?
1. Further development of IdeaSpace and Believe in Your Business Ideas Campaign
2. Create and develop the “Will this Float” concept grant
3. Reach out to entrepreneurs / to recruit businesses
4. Generate intelligence / useful data
5. Explore technology branding, improvements, recruitment potential, mobile strategy development
6. Engage in more direct contact with existing businesses, education for merchants
7. Take ownership of “Downtown” brand
8. Come up with S.M.A.R.T. solutions to Exits 5 and 74

ACTIVITIES/TASKS – What actions need to be done to reach the goal?
• Organize hosted events & seek grant funding for IdeaSpace
Partner / Collaboration / Communication
• Promote to entrepreneurs – Downtown Bristol Entrepreneurs Prize Award
• Formalize ER relationship and guidelines
Continue to leverage partnerships – downtown loan program, People Inc., SCORE, Cities
• Compose and gather surveys of properties for property database, business ideas, retail surveys, resources for recruitment (2nd floor vision), current sales, etc
• Maintain available downtown property list
• Work on a digital 3D layered model of our Main Street District
• Look into credit card machines, grants for technology
• Explore and grow mobile / web presence
• Proactively communicate with businesses
Get better participation at merchant meetings and business socials
Create support networks for businesses
• Discuss and lead the downtown charge for acknowledgement at large retail projects at Exit 74 & 5.

Organization/Structure Committee


COMMITTEE – Organization

GOAL – Provide effective ongoing management and advocacy for the downtown Main Street Program.

OBJECTIVES – How are we going to achieve that?

1. Annual fall/winter financial campaign
2. Spring fundraising event: From the Top Down Loft Tour
3. Annual Sponsor Recognition
4. BIB Board & Committee Recruitment & Volunteer Development
5. Winter fundraising event: Bristol’s Downtown Showcase
6. Main Street 101 – Work with ER Committee on quarterly DT/Merchant Meetings/Socials
7. Outreach programs for new residents
8. Presentations to local Civic Organizations
10. Maintain Relationship with City Governments
11. Maintain TN & VA Main Street State Designations
13. Downtown Tours – Ambassadors
14. Merchant Liaisons
15. Annual Board Retreat

ACTIVITIES/TASKS – What actions need to be done to reach the goal?
• Produce Program Report Committee/Christina Oct/Nov
Each BOD Member will be asked to talk with merchants about program
Campaign will be mailed out to approximately 2500+
• Work with Loft owners/Renters & Loft Tour Committee/Christina October
Produce Guide including Downtown Discounts
• Downtown Showcase Fundraiser Committee/Christina Jan/Feb/March
Work with Restaurants, Retail and Arts & Entertainment Community for Downtown Showcase
• Help ER Committee Organize Quarterly Merchant Meetings w/Speakers Quarterly
• Work with E.R. Committee for new resident programs Ongoing
• Presentations as requested Committee Ongoing
• Maintain Relationships with City Committee Ongoing
Lunch/Informational Meeting with new City Council Members
Annual Presentation to City Councils for CDBG requests
• Focus on grant requests Committee Ongoing
• Maintain Relationships with Community Organizations Ongoing
Welcome new merchants to downtown Committee Ongoing

Promotion Committee Work Plan


COMMITTEE – Promotions

SUBCOMMITTEE: Arts and Entertainment Steering Committee

GOAL – To create a positive image that will rekindle community pride and improve consumer and investor confidence in your commercial district. Advertising, retail promotions, special events, and marketing campaigns help sell the image and promise of Main Street to the community and surrounding region. Promotions communicate your commercial district's unique characteristics, business establishments, and activities to shoppers, investors, potential business and property owners, and visitors.

Top Committee Priorities 2014 –

1. Increase Attendance / CASH for all downtown events
a. Use social media to reach community
b. Create web survey / capture emails
c. Marketing

2. Capitalize on Exit 74 / 5 Projects
a. Co-OP Ads
b. Develop Kiosk /Signage
c. Special Events

3. Promote Bristol
a. Reach out to colleges
b. Continuously advertise & promote events
c. Facilitate Merchant Interaction

OBJECTIVES – How are we going to achieve that?
1. Continue to work with and maintain the Arts & Entertainment District
2. Special Events – Continue to promote our events and promote our partners events. Including but not limited to Border Bash, Christmas Open House, Journey’s End, Pumpkin Palooza, Celebrate Bristol, Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion, Food City Family Race Night, Farmer’s Market, Music and Movies in the Park, Veteran’s Day Parade, Christmas Parade, progressive Loft Tour Dinner, and Loft Tour.
3. Marketing Strategy – Promote Bristol to Bristol. Continued distribution of promotional material, e-News, website, BHC Articles and weekly partnership
4. Support & Participation for State & Regional Tourism Initiatives – The Crooked Road, Heartwood, Round the Mountain, The Sunny Side Trail etc...
5. Create/Develop new money-making events for organization

ACTIVITIES/TASKS – What actions need to be done to reach the goal?
• Look into mobile app, use social media, record uptake if possible
• Border Bash and other downtown promotional events – expand volunteer base
• Christmas Open House – evaluate what to include, get more traffic to 700-800 block
• Pull together information for a Day Trip Profile of Downtown
• Create packages to incentivize locals to come downtown
• Expand email blasts
• Continue to use promotional products
• Evaluate usage of QR codes and can they help our promotions